#001: One Step Forward
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Gleam is now moving to its next step! But first things first, before anything else. I'd like everyone to know that the TCG is being revamped one step at a time. Some sections of the Wiki page are still in the works, but that'll be easy to complete soon. The games are pretty much working okay, I just need to add a few more password gates to spice up the interactive section. Also I'm using this TCG for Stack's testing grounds so you might be seeing some features that aren't included in the script's general release.

Deck Donations

Moving on, yes! You're reading it right! Gleam is now open for pre-prejoin deck donations! Going back to the original plan, I said that we will be remaking the previously donated decks from Gleam 1.0. But after some thoughts, it was best to open up a new donation phase to give way to possible new images from characters, especially with the idol series.

Anyone who wishes to join Gleam TCG in the future are all welcome to participate in the pre-prejoin donation phase! To start, head on to the prejoin page and claim a deck first. Donation rules are as follows:

  • Donated images must be in high quality and unedited, preferably 600x600 pixels and up.
  • Vertical images are much preferred than horizontal ones to avoid the subjects getting cropped just to fit the card template.
  • Only images that is related to pretty male characters that will fit to our sets are allowed.
  • Donations need at least 25 images, but more is encouraged.
  • For every pre-prejoin deck you donate, you will get 2 random cards and 2 lollipops.
  • You are allowed to donate a maximum of 10 decks for this phase.

Please keep in mind that we are no longer accepting puzzle decks for Gleam. This is to give way to character and themed decks so we can use all good images to a maximum without redundancies. If you want to have your puzzle decks featured, you can donate them to Frames TCG, an illustrations mini TCG.

For those who have dropped their old donations on our #drop-off channel, kindly please claim and donate them on the prejoin forms for tracking purposes. Thank you!

As for TCG items such as level badges to donate, there will be no more donations to be accepted since we're still going to use some of the old donations we had from the first run. So we will have enough once Gleam is open for prejoin.


There will be no deadline for the deck donation phase, as long as you have donated 10 decks, it's all good. This will help you as well to gather all the images you need without rush. Also, since there are still a few things to be done back-end wise, the TCG will open when everything is ready. So please stay tuned! I know you're missing the boys already as much as I do, but we're slowly getting there! (。>ω<)。

If you have further questions, our #faq-and-help is always open. For suggestions, you can use the #polls-and-suggestions channel. If in case you don't have a Discord, or haven't joined our Discord server yet, you can send your inquiries at gleamtcg@gmail.com.

That will be all for today! This post will be updated when it's necessary for information. I'll see all soonish~! (*´▽`*)

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